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At the Law Office of Ian E. Bjorkman, LLC, we provide global solutions to risk management issues that include counseling, negotiation, litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Litigation is not the right answer for every dispute. When possible, we prefer to be consulted before there is a problem, to consider ways to structure your relationships to avoid disputes in the future. For example, considering risk management as part of a contract negotiation is often useful. Also, once a dispute arises, there are often creative solutions that result in a “win/win” situation for the parties. We usually recommend that parties explore alternatives before heading to litigation. A crucial aspect of such an analysis is a frank and experienced estimate of the cost and benefit of litigation. We provide risk management consultation and assist in negotiation, mediation or other avenues needed to solve the problem.

The firm was established to provide individuals and businesses with the highest quality risk management services in a cost-effective setting. Attorney Bjorkman has experience in a significant advisory role working with many firm clients to develop risk management strategies for litigation avoidance, assess liability exposure and settlement negotiations.

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