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For more than 20 years, Mr. Bjorkman has maintained a sophisticated practice focusing on complex litigation and risk counseling at two of the most prominent law firms in Connecticut and New York. Most recently, he was a litigation partner in Wiggin and Dana, in New Haven. Mr. Bjorkman has handled all aspects of litigation including trials in federal and state court. At Wiggin and Dana, he also worked closely with his partners in the Business Practice, Intellectual Property, Employment and Health Care departments to counsel firm clients on risk management issues. Our firm is pleased to be able to offer this experience to attorneys on a project basis.

  • Litigation diligence for transactional and real estate lawyers. When advising your clients on a transaction, an important component may be assessing the risk and analyzing the potential cost of a busted deal. Performing litigation diligence before the transaction is often more efficient than trying to put the pieces together in litigation. The firm is able to offer its wide experience in risk counseling clients in a number of different industries. You will also have the comfort of working with risk management counsel who is not part of a full-service firm and who will not develop a close relationship with the client concerning your area of expertise.
  • Add to your litigation capacity on a project basis. There may be times when you are retained to handle a litigation that is larger than usual for your practice. There may be other times when the press of business pulls you in too many directions at once. For those situations, the firm offers experienced litigation counsel on a case or project basis. We are willing to join your effort working through complex discovery, depositions, briefs, motions and second-chairing trials, depending on your needs. The firm believes that it offers a unique combination of “big firm” experience in a small-firm setting and can provide litigation counsel with a valuable resource that is not available elsewhere. We also believe that this arrangement can benefit your firm because you will be purchasing only experience and talent, not overhead. Hiring attorneys on a full-time basis to add litigation capacity can be an expensive and risky proposition. Moreover, our fees can be passed directly to your client. We are confident that you will find it useful and efficient to engage the firm on an as-needed basis. The firm is willing to consider non-traditional fee arrangements, including fixed fees for a particular project.
  • Conflict referrals. There are times when a valued client seeks to engage you on a litigation matter, but you have a conflict. You then want to be sure that the client is well represented, but you would obviously prefer that they remain your client. Our firm fully understands our role in such engagements. We seek to provide quality representation on a case-by-case basis and, with referral engagements, have no expectation of “repeat business.”
  • Multi-party Litigation. Often your corporate clients are in litigation and may have a need for separate counsel for its directors, officers and employees who may also be parties or witnesses. Other times there may be businesses or individuals similarly situated to your client and you are coordinating a joint prosecution or defense. Our firm will undertake such engagements of co-parties, and you can be confident that through your referral the client will receive the highest quality representation at a reasonable cost. You can also be confident that, although the firm will provide independent representation, it will also respect the role of lead counsel when consistent with its client’s interests.
  • Arbitration and Mediation services. Mr. Bjorkman’s trial, arbitration, mediation and counseling experience is ideally suited to helping resolve your business litigation through arbitration or mediation. Also, our experience makes us acutely aware of the routine abuses in the arbitration process that make it expensive and time-consuming rather than the intended streamlined process. We work closely with the parties to create a discovery-and-hearing schedule that will provide a prompt and efficient result.
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