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Lending our services to any one-off legal problem that you have
If you run a business, you’ll likely find it necessary to need regular counsel from a skilled attorney who knows the complexities of the business laws in Connecticut and New York. And at the Law Office of Ian E. Bjorkman, LLC, we offer our services as an outside general counsel for your business should you ever need it. This is the optimal choice for a small to medium-sized business that will have a routine need for legal counsel, but not frequently enough to hire a lawyer to be a part of their staff. It also cuts down on costs drastically, because this is not a full-time, year-round position.

It is our experience that having a seasoned litigator that serves as a liaison between the business and outside counsel is advantageous for many reasons. We can manage your litigation docket and can help keep the minds of your employees off these matters. We can perform that function likely for a fraction of what a full-time attorney who is on staff would be paid, or what the hourly rates of a larger firm monitoring your cases would charge.

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If your business has a legal issue that needs to be taken care of, contact the Law Office of Ian E. Bjorkman, LLC for impartial, outside general counsel today. Our office is located conveniently in New Haven, Connecticut, and you can get in touch with us by calling 203-773-9110 or contacting us online.

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